The Franchising Process

Start Your Pure Barre Journey Now

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Do Your Research

Browse the website and reach out to schedule a call with our team. Request a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document and take in what it means to own a Pure Barre studio. Make sure you’re ready to take your love for Pure Barre to the next level!

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Take First Steps

Complete and submit your Confidential Questionnaire Form to our Franchise Development Team for consideration. If your approved, you will then schedule a call with Pure Barre’s Brand Managers to discuss best next steps and take part in a number of foundation calls to learn about Pure Barre.

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Meet the Corporate Team

Following validation calls and your own due diligence, you will be invited to our Corporate office in Irvine, CA to meet the Corporate team as a final step of the approval process.

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Sign Your Franchise Agreement

Sign a Franchise Agreement with Pure Barre following your visit in Irvine to Discovery Day.

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Let the Work Begin

There’s a lot that goes into opening a studio, but we’ll guide you along the way. Some of the highlights are finding your perfect location, hiring and training a team, and getting the word out in your community. We are here to help.

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Open Your Studio!

It usually takes from six months from signing the agreement to open your studio doors.

When You’re Ready, We’re Here for You

Pure Barre Launch

Studio Opening

Open successfully and quickly with our entire team guiding the way – from site selection, to build out, to sales & marketing support to drive traffic to your studio!

Pure Barre Real Estate

Real Estate

We’ll walk you through site selection, lease negotiation and beyond, to find that perfect location in your market for your Pure Barre Studio.

Pure Barre Construction

Construction & Design

Maximize your space and create a sleek, beautiful and functional studio.

Pure Barre Training


Ensure your team is always prepared to deliver that killer class!

Pure Barre Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Enjoy the benefits of a national brand with a robust sales process to drive memberships, as well as access to templates, tools, creative assets and best practices.

Pure Barre Consulting


Learn best practices picked up from studios around the country.

Ready to Start Your Future. Let’s Begin.

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