Frequently Asked Questions

The Pure Barre franchise fee is $60,000.
The Pure Barre royalty fee is 7% of gross sales. The marketing fee is 1% of gross sales.
The initial start up cost is approximately $198,650 to $446,250 (which includes the franchise fee), plus the real estate cost of leasing or purchasing a site.
Note: If you are in one of the five boroughs of New York City, your initial investment may be higher than the range represented above. Please contact us for more information.
Yes, Pure Barre is seeking individuals (and their investors) with liquid assets greater than $90,000.
Yes, Pure Barre is seeking individuals with a minimum net worth of $300,000.
Some individuals who meet the minimum liquidity requirement may also consider utilizing a loan to fund their investment in a Pure Barre studio. Pure Barre reviews and assesses the funding structure, including the utilization of loans, of each applicant on a case-by-case basis. Please note that Pure Barre is registered with the Small Business Administration.
Simply request an application from our Franchise Development Team Here.
Yes, Pure Barre is happy to share a copy of its FDD with serious franchise candidates. Please fill out our web form to get started with the process.
Pure Barre is seeking franchisees who are passionate about the Pure Barre technique and have the business acumen to run a successful studio. Pure Barre gives preference to applicants with strong ties to their desired market. Have more questions? Contact the Pure Barre Franchise Development Team.
Timelines vary, but a rule of thumb is that it typically takes approximately 125 to 200 days from the time you sign your Franchise Agreement to open your studio doors.

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