Pure Barre Stephanie Lin

Stephanie Lin

Pure Barre Studio Owner | West Hartford, CT

 I fell in love with Pure Barre when I was living in Boston and taking classes at the Newbury Street studio. I vividly remember my first class (it was 7:50 PM on a weeknight) – and it truly was “love at first tuck.”

The energy in that studio was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Soon came the rapid results, mental release and new friendships. Suddenly, I was part of something much bigger than a 55-minute workout; I was a part of a family.

Pure Barre has so much to offer beyond the physical results. While a strengthened and toned body is certainly a major benefit of the Pure Barre technique (truly – the results are amazing), the Pure Barre family and community is also what keeps you coming back for more.

“I wanted to bring the unique Pure Barre community to the Central Connecticut area where I grew up, because I wanted to be able to impact others’ lives the way Pure Barre has impacted mine.”

My entire family is involved with the medical field and are able to help others on a daily basis. Pure Barre gives me an opportunity to give back to my community, and help clients on their journeys toward healthier and happier lives. My goal is to cultivate an environment that makes Pure Barre West Hartford feel like home to my clients!

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