Pure Barre Sarah Love

Sarah Love

Pure Barre Studio Owner | Richmond, VA – Near West End

I discovered Pure Barre a month after my dad’s passing. I was struggling to regain my passion in all things. I had been searching for something to keep me fit and healthy that was challenging, made me feel good about myself, and gave me results. So on a whim, I stumbled across Pure Barre. It was perfect. Not only was I seeing results, but it was an emotional release and gave me mental clarity that I hadn’t been able to find since my dad died.

“I knew after my first Pure Barre class that I wanted to open my own studio.”

When I started at Pure Barre Wilmington, no one knew why I was coming and why I stayed until one day I wrote them a client testimonial about my process of losing a parent and what I had found at Pure Barre. The outpour of support was overwhelming. I knew after my first Pure Barre class that I wanted to open my own studio. Throughout my process of being a client at Pure Barre Wilmington, I became friends with the owners, Kate and Alex. They have now become my biggest supporters, mentors, and closest friends.

I lost a little bit of myself when I lost my father, but Pure Barre has given me the strength to find it within myself all over again. And now that I have my own studio, I have the opportunity to create my own Pure Barre family here in Richmond. Its amazing what community can do for people. I have never been alone in the process, and the way that things are going, I will never be alone. Looks like my #PureBarreFamily will continue to grow in size and love.

Pure Barre Sarah Love

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