Pure Barre Michelle Keraus

Michelle Keraus

Pure Barre Studio Owner | Kansas City – Zona Rosa

I took my first Pure Barre class when my youngest of three was getting ready to turn 2 years old. I decided that it was time for me to take my body back! It didn’t take more than a few classes for me to fall in love.

“As a Pure Barre teacher, I was inspired daily by the way Pure Barre strengthened women not only on the outside- but on the inside. I saw the community that Pure Barre created. Women from all walks of life came together for this one, unified purpose- to feel better about themselves. I was determined to share my passion for Pure Barre with other women who were looking for that game-changing workout that they just hadn’t found yet!”

Being a studio owner with 3 kids, can result in things can getting hectic. It’s hard not to let work take over every hour of the day. There is always something to get done, an email to respond to, a fire to put out. I have to be conscious about the screen time that I put in when the kids are home. I never want them to think that work trumps family time. Sometimes, I just have to close my laptop and remind myself that the emails and Facebook can wait a few hours.

My advice for someone who is interested in opening their own studio is: just do it! Opening a Pure Barre studio is kind of like deciding to have a baby – you’ll never find the right time, there will never be enough money and the thought of it all is as equally scary as it is exciting. Just close your eyes and JUMP! It will all be worth it in the end!

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