Lauren Matteson

Pure Barre Studio Owner | St. Louis – Chesterfield

I fell in love with Pure Barre during my second class in March 2012 in Watercolor, FL at Pure Barre Santa Rosa Beach – 30A. I left my first class upset that it was so challenging, and I knew I would need to go back the whole week of vacation to master it. By the end of the week, I hadn’t quite mastered it, but my body felt so different, and better, that I knew I couldn’t live without it. After visiting a few other Pure Barre studios, I recognized the community and culture Pure Barre across the country.

I graduated from the University of Missouri’s Journalism School with a degree in Strategic Communications and a minor in Business in 2011. I was on my way to law school, and was taking a year off after undergrad to work and prepare for another few years of academics. That was until I stumbled into Pure Barre that fateful day.

“Pure Barre is a lifestyle and it’s where people go for the happiest hour of their day. I wanted to bring that back to my hometown to provide that special place for others.”

For someone considering opening their own Pure Barre studio, I would recommend doing your research and take in the technique and culture with equal importance. Being an owner is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but it is also extremely challenging. The more prepared and educated you can be before even exploring the opportunity, the better!

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