Pure Barre Kiersten Kemp

Kiersten Kemp

Pure Barre Studio Owner | Grand Rapids, MI

I had a different career before Pure Barre. I have been a pharmacist since 2001. I worked full time in a hospital pharmacy even after the studio opened in January 2012 for sixteen months, and just recently switched down to part time.

Being a good mom while pursuing my passion is extremely important to me. I have the most amazing husband who stays home with our children, and he is the best daddy. I also have wonderful in-laws that help out with the kids any time we ask.

“For the first time in my life, I understand what it is like to be passionate about what I do.”

The Pure Barre technique, the amazing communities Pure Barre created with clients, as well as the smart and strong group of owners are just some of the reasons I was inspired to open a studio. Especially the few women who owned Pure Barre studios before me from the Midland, Saginaw area.

Pure Barre Kiersten

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