Pure Barre Karen Morgan

Katrina Morgan

Pure Barre Studio Owner | Tulsa – Midtown & South Tulsa, OK

I had a very full-time job, and knew I was not going to be able to work 12 hour days for the rest of my life. It was important to me to find a work-life balance, especially as we were starting to plan a family. There was nothing like Pure Barre in Tulsa!

I spoke with 3 different Pure Barre owners and was very inspired by their stories. They had each opened up a Pure Barre in new markets and told story after story of changing women’s lives, and how it had changed their own for the better. Megan, my co-owner, and I got more excited after every conversation with them. This could really happen to us! We could own our very own business and be a part of these amazing stories!

“There is a lot of hard work that goes into making a studio successful. But it is so worth it.”

I have learned I can actually understand finance! But really, working with our CPA for a couple months, combined with my business background, gave me the ability to learn how to truly understand and manage our company operationally and financially.

I never would have imagined myself as a small business owner. It is always something I heard about but never actually thought I could ever be that passionate about something to take leap and own my very own business! Pure Barre brought out the passion in me. And it continues as I meet more and more women become deeply rooted into our community and see positive changes every day.

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