Pure Barre Karen Mumme

Karen Mumme

Pure Barre Studio Owner | Louisville, KY – Summit & Westport Village

I have practiced law for over ten years now. I still maintain some clients and the practice. I first fell in love with Pure Barre after my first class (please note, not during!). I instantly signed up for the the unlimited packages and spent the next 30 days exploring and learning the technique and this fitness boutique business.

“The teacher came up to me after the class and said four simple words…”what did you think?” That was the moment where I fell in love with pure barre.”

Three things convinced me this could be a profitable and rewarding business venture:

1. There are two sources of income under a small roof (retail and services)

2. This is a company owned by women, servicing mostly women, and set up with a mantra to inspire women

3. The technique works and it only requires four hours out of the entire week.

Pure Barre is a fun business and not terribly difficult to manage. The relationships with our teachers and clients are incomparable to anything else. There are so many moments of realization you made a positive physical and emotional change to someone’s life. The physical changes are so cool to see, but to see a woman lacking confidence transform into one that believes in herself and acknowledges her tremendous self-worth, is indescribable. It moves us beyond what we ever thought we could contribute in this life.

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