Pure Barre Adrienne and Ken

Adrienne and Ken

Pure Barre Studio Owner | Nashua, NH

Opened: April 2015

Where we’re from: Adrienne – Massachusetts & New Hampshire, USA / Ken – Western Australia

Former professions: Adrienne – Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor / Ken – Project Planner, Mining industry

Where we met: Teaching wake boarding and waterskiing at a camp in North Carolina.

Fun fact: Ken has completed numerous triathlons in Australia, and even an ultra-marathon in Canada. The ultra marathon consisted of 50 kilometers of trail running through the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Banff, Alberta Canada. He completed it in exactly 6 hours, which was his goal.

How We Discovered Pure Barre (as told by Adrienne)

I attended my first Pure Barre class while visiting my sister in Colorado. I felt so welcomed the second I walked into the studio and I loved the atmosphere. The workout was amazingly hard and worked muscles I didn’t know I had. I was hooked. My fiancé Ken and I were living in Canada at the time, and as soon as I returned, I bought as many Pure Barre DVDs as I could. I got Ken to try them out with me, and we both realized how much it improved our running. We then went down to Boca Raton, FL the following spring for my other sister’s wedding, and took a class at the local Pure Barre studio. On the flight home, I was looking through the Pure Barre website and realized that it was a franchise and said “Someday I want to do this.”

“Ken and I always held the belief that rather than wanting to take vacations to get away from life all the time, we wanted to build a life we didn’t want to escape from.”

How We Ultimately Decided to Move Forward

We had been speaking with Emily (our contact at Pure Barre) for a long time before we finally decided to take the plunge and apply. Emily was a huge resource for us and was so quick to respond to any of our questions. The corporate team overall made a big difference, and Robin was especially helpful in the early stages helping us with real estate. These resources, along with our friends, family and other business owners, were essential to us because we were leaving our entire lives and careers in Canada to make a leap and put absolutely everything we have into our business in New Hampshire [where Adrienne was raised]. The Pure Barre community has been an amazing part of the process. We have so many other owners that we can call for any reason, any time of day even just to run an idea by them. We are in a lucky position with Pure Barre where the studio owners want to work together, rather than compete with each other.

What We’ve Learned About Ourselves Along the Way

During the process of owning a Pure Barre studio, we have really learned that it’s possible to do whatever we put our minds to. We learned where each of our strengths and weaknesses are, and realized how much we can actually impact other peoples’ lives.

Check out Ken in action here as he demonstrates a series of five barre-inspired positions that will sculpt every inch of your body, from thighs to chest.

Pure Barre Adrienne and Ken

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